Cleaning Schedule?

Monday , 3, October 2011 4 Comments

As you can see from my extremely detailed (or not!) cleaning schedule, I am not a cleaning expert.  With the baby on the way, I have tried to get into a groove, as far as what cleaning gets done on what days.  So far, so good.  Using this simple schedule, I know that the bathrooms get cleaned once a week.  There are quite a few things that I do regularly that are not on the list.  Things like, load and unload the dishwasher get done when necessary (which is pretty much every day).

I would like to take my cleaning schedule to the next level adding in some things that I don’t need to do every day, but need to be scheduled to make sure I actually do them once in a while.  Things like: cleaning window sils and base boards, washing sheets, and cleaning windows and blinds are probably more like once a month chores in my mind.  I think I will get a white board with a monthly calendar on it, or maybe i’ll just print a calendar for each month and use it to schedule the once a month cleaning duties.

I realize that my cleaning schedule will change as my family grows and changes.  Right now I have no problem getting all of our laundry done in one day (Moms of multiple children are probably laughing at me right now) but I know that once we add a kid (with cloth diapers) to the mix I will need to adjust the laundry schedule, among other things.  I am the kind of person that can let a whole day go to waste if I don’t have some sort of schedule in place.  Thus my attempt to make a cleaning schedule, however primitive it may be!

So, what do you think, ladies?  Do you have a cleaning schedule?  What system works for you??

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  • Myaela says:

    I would suggest My house was pretty clean before signing up for her daily emails, but it’s been pretty much super clean since! She gives you like a daily task (and usually 1-2 a week are the deep cleaning type, but still really short). I’ve used hers as a basis and kind of adapted it to fit my home; she does a “zone” for each week, but I need to clean the other rooms in my apartment every week as well, so I’ve created my own weekly list (similar to yours) for when the basics need to be done and then do her other assignments as well. Then all my rooms get picked up/surface cleaned every week and deep cleaned once a month =)

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