Chattahoochee Bend State Park

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We should have gone……Why didn’t we check out….What did we do all weekend?  Do you find yourself asking these questions?  So do we.  But a couple weeks ago we decided to get off the couch and check out a great state park not too far from our home.  Chattahoochee Bend State Park is a beautiful area with trails, campgrounds, playgrounds, and water access.  It is located West of Newnan, so for those of you in Coweta or Fayette county, the drive isn’t bad at all.  Parking is $5 unless you have the State Park Pass.  Which costs $50 per year and is totally worth it in my book.  You can also check out a park pass with your library card at any Georgia Public Library.

We decided to hike one of the short trails as a way to scout out the area for future trips.  We hiked about a mile out to a lookout tower that has nice benches for taking a break. The trail we took follows along the river for the most part so the view is very pretty.  The hike was easy, but enjoyable.


Hooch collage

We drove around the rest of the park to get an idea of how we might utilize it in the future. Next time, we will pack a lunch and head out earlier in the day.  We will hike for a while, hubby would like to fish, and then we can have lunch near one of the playgrounds.  There are a couple different campgrounds and if we’re feeling adventurous we might check them out this fall.  Take a look at the Chattahoochee photo gallery here.

Have you been to any State Parks in Coweta/Fayette Counties?  Where should we go next?


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