Celebrating Father’s Day on Deployment

Friday , 14, June 2013 1 Comment

Throughout deployment, it is always difficult to remind myself what my husband is going through. In my very selfish mind, I always think about how hard it is raising our two children alone, but he is dealing with being away from them all the time. I decided that for Father’s Day, I would interview him about being a dad and more importantly, about being a dad and a deployed airman.

Joseph the day Isla was born

1. What do you like most about being a dad? Least?

Most- “Getting hugs filled with love, hearing them say dada, getting to see them grow up, and teaching them new things are all things I love about being a dad.”

Least- “Less ME time but that’s it and I knew that was going to happen when I decided to be a father.”

2. What similarities do you see between you and your children?

“Well Isla has my toes (twin toes) and both kids looked like me as a baby. They both have my side of the family’s temper and they both pick at mama’s fingernails like I do”

3. What is the hardest part about being away from your children?

“Watching them grow up on Skype, without me. Not being able to put them to sleep, take them to the park, feed them, do the daily routine, get up with them when they are crying, and watch them do new things.

4. What are you most afraid of in being a military father?

“Getting hurt on deployment or someone in my family getting hurt while I’m deployed.”

5. What is one thing you hope to teach your children that you learned from being in the military?

“Respect. Honor. Integrity.

6. What advice could you give a new military father?

“Always remember you have a duty to attend to, but don’t forget to make time for your family”

7.  What is the first thing you will say/do when you see your children for the first time?

“I love you and missed you very much. Show me all the cool things that you have learned while I was gone!”

Joseph the day Cole was born

Deployments are difficult on all parties involved but please don’t forget to think about those that are serving and the time they are missing with their own children. My husband has served with many friends who have missed the birth of their child,  birthday parties, Christmases, recitals, and those first steps. It’s heartbreaking.

What can you do for your deployed spouse on Father’s Day? 

Send a themed care package! It could include all of daddy’s favorite things and some handmade goodies from the kids (handprint cards, artwork, cookies, etc). Nothing can make up for being without his children on Father’s Day but you can sure as heck try your best!


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