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School Lunches pic for CFF

It has only been two weeks since school began, yet I am already BORED with making school lunches.  My picky sixth grader absolutely refuses to buy her lunch at school.  To her, buying a school lunch is akin to eating a garbage sandwich topped with warm anchovies.  So…between my daughter and my boys, I make…   [Read the full article]

Summer Craft Activities

As we prepare for the coming summer heat, (I’m mean we live in Georgia and the summer is sweltering), I’ve been scouring Pinterest for activities and crafts to do with the Goober. Here’s a round-up of my favorites! 1. bubble art, 2. sensory bottles, 3. Toddler Spray Paint 4.  sidewalk chalk paint, 5. Dough Paint,…   [Read the full article]

Kids Bowl Free is back! Bowling is a sport that has been around a long time!  It dates back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome.  According to The Bowling Foundation, more than 25 percent of Americans bowl each year.  Bowling is one of the few sports that allows you to compete at any…   [Read the full article]

A Crockpot Saved My Marriage

Okay, so that title might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but in all seriousness, my slow cooker is pretty amazing. I have jumped onto the slow cooker bandwagon with both feet! It’s not a new purchase since we got it as a wedding gift several years ago, but it sat in our cabinets…   [Read the full article]

target beauty

New makeup is fun, but can get really expensive. One of my favorite gifts from this past Christmas was my Urban Decay Naked2 palette. I have been obsessively watching tutorials for different ways to use this awesome palette. I could spend many hours (and dollars) at Ulta or Sephora on any given day, but “higher…   [Read the full article]

christmas series part 3

  This is the final post of this series for the 2013 holiday season. To read the other two posts, click here and here. This final installment will focus on SHOPPING LOCAL! As you have probably seen, we had our own campaign encouraging our readers to #shopcowetafayette. While there are awesome deals to be found…   [Read the full article]

  This part of the Holiday Shopping series will highlight using “daily deal” boutique sites to get great deals. I am obsessed with these types of sites. I always find cute stuff at a great price. Most of these sites send daily emails highlighting the deals of the day. Most of them have Facebook pages…   [Read the full article]

maternity fashion with text

Last time I was pregnant, I was due in early November.  That means I spent the majority of my pregnancy in the summer months.  Therefore, I was lacking in fall maternity attire.  My body is not the type that can wear ‘regular’ clothes throughout my pregnancies, so I definitely needed to find some appropriate maternity…   [Read the full article]

christmas series part 1

Happy Halloween! Believe it or not, the holidays are near. Many of you have already started shopping for gifts. Even if you haven’t, don’t worry, there are some things you can do to make shopping easy and economical!   Tip #1: Utilize Amazon Prime for fast, free shipping. I LOVE shopping online, but don’t like…   [Read the full article]

  There’s a lot I’d like to accomplish this week. Here are my top 5 goals! Recover from our weekend. When did life get so busy? This past weekend alone we had a Girl Scout Halloween party, a soccer game, a birthday party, and a trip to Southern Belle Farm. It was all fun, but…   [Read the full article]