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Kenny apraxia

We’d like to introduce you to Stacey.  Stacey is a Fayette county stay at home mom to an almost 3 year old boy & a 7 month old girl desperately seeking a full night sleep & a tantrum free day. Stacey has done a great job advocating for her son and getting him the help…   [Read the full article]

Do you have a regular date night with your special someone?  Or is it more typical to go months without one?  When you do get out, what does your typical date night look like? A few of the CFF contributors answer those questions. Allie: My ideal date night involves child are for my littles, a…   [Read the full article]

Worried the summer kid movie fun is over?  Worry no longer!  NCG Movie Theater in Sharpsburg will once again host a FREE Family Film Festival. August 22, 23, and 24            Mr. Peabody & Sherman Rated PG August 29, 30, and 31            LEGO Movie  Rated PG…   [Read the full article]

School Lunches

    It is almost time to get ready for back to school!  For many of us packing lunches is part of our regular routine.  The hardest part of packing a lunch is trying to stay creative in what we pack.  Having the same thing day after day can become boring!  Thanks to Pinterest, there…   [Read the full article]

Local Spotlight Whitley Farms Sharpsburg Georgia

Memorial Day weekend my husband and I took our kids and met up with friends to go strawberry picking at Whitley Farms in Sharpsburg, Georgia and I have to say it might have been the most delicious fun we have had so far this summer. Admittedly the summer just started but a trip out to…   [Read the full article]

summer bucket list 2

I shared with you all that I was planning to go back to work soon. Well, it is now official… I was offered a job teaching at a cyber-school and I will be starting NEXT MONTH. I am very thankful for the time I have had as a stay-at-home-mom, but I am excited for a…   [Read the full article]

Kids Bowl Free is back! Bowling is a sport that has been around a long time!  It dates back to the times of ancient Greece and Rome.  According to The Bowling Foundation, more than 25 percent of Americans bowl each year.  Bowling is one of the few sports that allows you to compete at any…   [Read the full article]

skylars fairytales

My youngest daughter just turned three and we decided to have a Frozen-themed birthday party. (My girls have been OBSESSED with Frozen for months now; I’m sure many of you can relate!) I searched around the metro area for a business that could provide an Elsa appearance for our party. Most of them were very…   [Read the full article]

2014 Coweta-Fayette Summer Camp picks

Every time spring rolls around, it becomes a free-for-all for summer camp advertising, which is awesome and great but can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are new to the summer camp world. That why we came up with the idea to each pick 3 summer camps that we either have sent kids to…   [Read the full article]

Tips for Surviving the CRCT pic

They happen each and every year.  The mere mention of the acronym strikes fear into the hearts of parents and children alike.  And they’re right around the corner. Are you ready for them? They are the Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests  (cue the “dun, dun, dun” music) and they begin next week. As scary and nerve-wracking as these standardized tests are,…   [Read the full article]