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My daughter is really into cooking lately.  On any given day, you can find her watching The Food Network or checking out her favorite YouTube kid foodies.  She is my companion as I get dinner ready or make a dessert.  She is always willing to help in the kitchen…now if we can just get her…   [Read the full article]

life is precious

Today, I read this blog post. Did you read it?  You should.  I’ll wait. As I read the article, I thought to myself “this is so true” and “yup, I do that”.  I complain.  A lot.  Just ask my husband. But you know what?  My kids also complain.  They complain about going to football practice….   [Read the full article]

garage sale bernie

I am very embarrassed by the picture that you see in this post.  I’m not proud that I have let things get so out of hand.  I feel like such a failure as a mom and wife.  But if you read this post from last week, you may have a little more empathy for me….   [Read the full article]

Kenny apraxia

We’d like to introduce you to Stacey.  Stacey is a Fayette county stay at home mom to an almost 3 year old boy & a 7 month old girl desperately seeking a full night sleep & a tantrum free day. Stacey has done a great job advocating for her son and getting him the help…   [Read the full article]

How young is too young for sports

I have a super active little boy who loves to watch his dad play softball for our church team. He loves getting to run around tossing the big yellow balls and play with his best friend, whose dad is also on the team. Seeing his budding love of sports, I started to wonder “When should…   [Read the full article]

School Lunches pic for CFF

It has only been two weeks since school began, yet I am already BORED with making school lunches.  My picky sixth grader absolutely refuses to buy her lunch at school.  To her, buying a school lunch is akin to eating a garbage sandwich topped with warm anchovies.  So…between my daughter and my boys, I make…   [Read the full article]

Bernies kindergartener

  For parents, the first day of kindergarten is as emotional as seeing your baby take his first steps or watching as he makes his first friend.  It’s a milestone in their little lives, and in your life as well. We all have expectations for our children as they enter the elementary school years.  We…   [Read the full article]

Eli big boy bed with text

  Let me start with a bit of background here.  The plan was to get Eli transitioned to a big boy bed before baby brother’s arrival in April.  We didn’t want to buy another crib. My babies sleep in the crib as soon as they come home from the hospital, so big brother got evicted. …   [Read the full article]

Enjoying my baby

My baby is little.  Well, not little compared to most babies his age, but he seems little to me.  Especially compared to his 2 1/2 year old brother.  I have mentioned before that Emmett is likely my last baby so I am doing my best to soak in this baby stage as much as possible. …   [Read the full article]

Going Dairy-free... Please Share Advice!

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, I’m planning on going dairy-free for a while. Just over a month ago, my husband and I noticed some irregularities in the Squish’s diapers that made us think he has an allergy to something (i.e. he had green, mucus-y poop) or possibly a virus….   [Read the full article]