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Lately, I have been absolutely obsessed with sending my husband “themed” care packages. For one, it’s just plain fun to come with ideas and get crafty and two, he absolutely loves the surprise of it. Plus, the kids love to help!

Cole wanted to help

I sent him an Easter care package that I briefly referenced here.

This is his Easter box I sent.

This time, I am working on a Birthday package for my husband’s birthday at the end of the month and I thought what a wonderful idea to send him some birthday themed items since he can’t spend his day with us. I figured this would also make a great DIY post for someone sending a care package to someone deployed, in college, or just far from home!

Let’s start with packing materials. I always send my packages in large flat rate boxes. It is the cheapest way to do it with shipping overseas. Plus, no matter the weight of what I’m sending, I always pay one flat fee. The man at the post office was sweet enough to give me a huge whole roll of post office packing tape. I still have a ton of it left. I don’t know if they do that everywhere but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Also, if you are sending overseas, get your labels and customs forms beforehand. It will save you a lot of time when you go to take your package for drop off.

Next, let’s discuss decorating the box. This is probably my favorite part. If you use a large flat rate box, 12 x 12 pieces of scrapbook paper will fit perfectly on the sides and bottom of the box. I find glue sticks work best for attaching the paper. Being the type-A person that I am, I try to use paper that is matchy-matchy. Next, I load it up with stickers, garland, writing, whatever. I try to go theme related when it comes to decorations. For the Easter box, I did easter grass and an easter garland. For the Birthday box, I did stickers and threw in a party hat and a small balloon kit from Target. Target is awesome for party favor/birthday items.

Finally, another awesome part, choosing items to send in your care package. For Easter, I sent candy, plastic Easter eggs filled with words of encouragement and an Easter gift, sketchbook and pencils.

In his birthday box, I sent homemade birthday cards from the kids and birthday letter from me, his birthday gift (in a separate box since it didn’t fit), some pictures of us, and the best part of this box, birthday cake in a jar! I found an awesome cake in a jar tutorial here.

I bought a boxed funfetti cake and used large mason jars. I didn’t boil the lids but just let them sit on top of the oven as I baked the cakes.

In his box, is a store-bought icing can and some sprinkles so he can ice and decorate his mini cakes. I really can not wait for him to receive his box and I hope he really enjoys them!

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