Can you Imagine This? My first look at Imagine It! Children’s Museum

Saturday , 2, July 2011 Leave a comment

Cheap!  Apparently, I am very cheap.

We’d been in Georgia for two years before we went to ANY of the bigger kid attractions in Atlanta, and only then because hubby had scored two tickets to the Stone Mountain Christmas Village.  I looked up as many neat things in Atlanta as I could.  I’ve been getting Children’s Museum emails from the time I arrived here almost 3 years ago.  (Confession:  I haven’t actually read them in ages)

It turns out, if I had just done a little research I would have learned about Target Free Tuesdays at the Children’s Museum, which happen on the second Tuesday of every month, from 1-7pm.  Thank you Target!  I packed up the van with my friend Jen and her two boys and went to check it out in May.  Maggie’s tip:  Don’t accidentally park your big van in the ACS parking garage.  It’s not very large, has fat pillars, and is hard to get out of if you are not good at moving a big car, which I am not.  Luckily Jen was.

Parent reaction:  eh *shrug*

Child reaction:   This is GREAT!

And I guess it was – an indoor playground, little grocery store, large raised sandbox, fake fish pond and lots more.  My daughter was having such a great time that she became increasingly frustrated with my attempts to do things like, keep our party somewhat together.  I think she was running from me on purpose.

Easily my highlight of the day was seeing my daughter stop halfway up a slide with that look, “uh oh, I gotta go.”  I picked her up and booked it, but I got peed on anyway.  She had a change of clothes.  I did not.  Later, when I explained to Jen she said “Oh! I thought she spilled some juice on you!”  Let’s hope everyone thought so.  Later, when it was time to go, I carried a kicking, screaming 3 year old out of the museum and down a few Atlanta blocks to the parking garage.  Jen said it made her feel better that she wasn’t the only one that happened to.  Glad I could assist.

I’ve recently decided we should give the Children’s Museum another try.  After all, we’re farther along in the potty training business and Miriam really did have a blast.  I’ll step back, let her take the lead, and arrange to meet any friends back up front in 2 hours.  You’d better believe I’m going on a Target Free Tuesday though.  Maybe I’ll see you on July 12th!

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