Lately I’ve been busy making Busy Bags!  Until recently I had no idea what Busy Bags were, but I wish I had learned about them sooner!  Busy Bags contain simple activities for little learners to do on their own or with minimal instruction and are stored in a bag (or box!).

What I love is how easy they are to make, they’ll help keep my younger ones occupied, are educational and can be tailored to the needs of the kids.   I plan to use ours to help keep my three and five year old busy when we start homeschooling, but these bags would also be great for taking to restaurants, on road trips or on airplanes, anywhere that you need to keep little hands busy!

Another great idea is to do a Busy Bag exchange with other moms as explained in this blog by Motherhood on A Dime.  Our homeschool group did an exchange recently and we came home with some new activities that the kids all enjoyed.

Do you have any Busy Bag ideas to share?

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