Thursday , 7, November 2013 Comments Off on Burnout!

Softball season ended last night for Big Sister, and with it means that instead of being gone 2-3 nights a week (and subsequently, eating out 2-3 nights a week), we”ll be home every night. I”m looking forward to it, because I”m tired of eating fast food so much..obviously, it”s not the healthiest choice. While I know I could have planned around dinnertime practices, I have to confess: I have been feeling some kitchen burn out lately. I just haven”t wanted to cook. But these kids won”t feed themselves yet. I”ve been researching some easy, healthy meal plans and here”s my plan to get back into the swing of things:

1) Use this meal plan guide from The Nourishing Home: I love the way this is laid out, and besides printing out the recipes and making a casino online shopping list, all the guesswork is done for me. There are a few meals that my family won”t eat that are on here, but we can always switch to something similar on that particular night.

2) Winter Time is Soup time, and anytime is a good time to throw something in the crock pot. Here is a list of delicious sounding soups for those chilly winter nights.

3) Theme nights are another no-brainer way to get dinner on the table. Peanut Blossom shares her theme nights, as well as pretty much my sentiments exactly on burn out!


Hopefully this will kick start things. I”m trying not to look too far ahead, but things will have to play out differently for spring softball. Maybe picnic dinners. Any suggestions for me?

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