Budget Bathroom Makeover

Wednesday , 16, January 2013 2 Comments

When we moved in to our house in July, there were some things that I knew I wanted to change.  I have  a few different ‘lists’ in my head. One is a list of things that can be done sooner than later.  These items include painting trim and doors, and replacing all the gold door knobs and fixtures.  Another list includes projects that won’t get done for a while.  Lets call this one the wish list.  Things like, new granite counter tops for the kitchen and carpet throughout the upstairs.  Most of the house has neutral paint and flooring.  We didn’t need to replace shag carpet or paint over avocado green walls.  The only major eye sore (in my opinion) was the downstairs bathroom.  Think –lavender sponge painted walls with a purple border half way down the walls.  Better yet, take a look.  I forgot to take a picture before I removed the border, but you get the idea.

This was my first house project, and with just a coat of paint for the walls and the cabinet, and a re-purposed mirror, I was able to revamp this bathroom on a tight budget.  I am lucky that the ceramic tile flooring is in really good shape and is not dated at all.  The counter top is not my favorite but is neutral enough and is in good shape as well.  I would like to eventually replace the faucet, but did not get to it this time around.

First, I removed the wall paper border.  Luckily it came off without too much trouble.  Then I had my husband help remove the mirror.  We watched a couple youtube videos and learned that it is a good idea to run strips of duct tape (or any strong tape) diagonally across the mirror in case it breaks while trying to remove it.  The mirror was glued to the wall in 5 different place.  When we took it down, I had to smooth over the areas that were previously glued before painting over them.  The new mirror is smaller so I didn’t want the blemishes on the wall to show.  The first picture is right after taking down the mirror, and the second is after I smoothed over the rough spots with some putty.  I used the kind that is pink when you apply it, and turns white as it dries. Pretty cool!  This was just to prepare the surface for paint.  It doesn’t look pretty yet!

What the wall looked like after taking down the mirror

The wall after I smoothed it out with some putty

Another plus, making it easier to revamp this bathroom on a budget, are the white fixtures throughout the bathroom.  There is a towel rack, a towel ring, toilet paper holder, and a straight hook that are white and in good condition.  I removed them for the painting process but put them right back up since they fit with the new decor.


The mirror is one from the house where I grew up.  The frame used to be painted gold but is now white.  I’m not sure when that happened.  I’m also not sure when the mirror became mine, but it fits perfectly with the new bathroom decor!

The bathroom has a peculiar layout, and a big space that needs something so I am planning on prettying up an old ladder that I found at a thrift sale A La Pretty Handy Girl to put in the corner. I have already painted mine white.  I just need to make the rungs a bit bigger and find something to set on them.

So there it is.  A bathroom makeover on a budget.  One quart of paint, one small paint sample pod, a few towels, and a bathroom rug.  I have created a great base so when the mood hits me I can switch out a few decorative items and have a fresh looking bathroom.  I started with hunter green towels and rug for the winter.  What color should I buy to for spring?

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  • HI Rachel,
    It was so much fun being part of your search and home purchas as your Realtor. Now I am enjoying the home transformation as you and Chris make it YOUR own home. Great job! You have inspired me to do some sorting our and facelifting my 22 yr old home!
    Happy Home Creations!
    Joann Bennett
    Re/Max Legacy II
    Peachtree City, Ga

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