Buddy Fruits Review and Giveaway

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The Goober and I recently had the opportunity to try a bunch of Buddy Fruits products and have really enjoyed getting to taste the different varieties, many of which I had never known existed. I knew Buddy Fruits did applesauce pouches because we get them with the Goober’s Chick-fil-a kid’s meal instead of fries and my husband buys their pure blended fruit pouches often at the store as easy to carry snacks for when he is running to catch MARTA in the morning. I was a bit shocked to find that they had so many different products that I didn’t know about, such as a pure fruit jiggle gel, fruit bites (which a basically a gooey fruit snack), and pouches that were basically like smoothies, some with fruit and skim milk and others fruit with coconut milk. They also had a much larger variety of flavors than I had previously encountered, from mango to banana to black currant (and many more). Several times I caught my husband sneaking a pouch from the pantry.

After trying them all, I think the consensus in our household is that we still prefer the plain, fruit only pouches or the applesauce pouches over the fruit bites and the coconut or skim milk smoothie ones. As a mom, I found the fruit bites a bit too gooey and messy and the size was a bit too big for my 1 year old, so I had to tear them smaller, leaving me with sticky fingers of my own to contend with, on top of the munchkin’s usual goobery situation.  The Goober might have a new favorite though with the Buddy Fruits jiggle gel. That pouch was sucked down in less than 20 seconds, I think.  One of the best things about the Buddy Fruits, besides the 100% fruit, is their portability. They are so easy to toss in a purse or diaper bag to appease the ravenous beast when we are out and about or waiting in a restaurant for a meal that never seems to get there quite on time. And now on to the best part! We are excited to give away a basket of Buddy Fruit products so one lucky reader can determine which flavors are their favorites!


PSMB was given Buddy Fruits products for review but the opinions expressed are our own.
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