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Sunday , 18, March 2012 1 Comment

Learn to Irish step dance–I have rhythm but am not terribly graceful.  I have always been fascinated by Irish step dancing.  I think I could do it…it seems very rhythmic.  There is an Irish step studio in Peachtree City….Drake, i think?  Anyone know if it is any good?

Have well defined arm muscles— Yeah, like Jennifer Aniston.  So, what am I waiting for? I don’t know.  This is one I can work on right now!  Toting my 17 lb child and car seat is probably a good start.  I would also like to have defined Abs….but they would never be visible under the stretchy skin left after having my son.  (I’ll take him over well defined abs any day!!)

Write and preform my own songs— I LOVE to sing, and am pretty good at it.  I have never taken the time to sit down and write my own music, but I would love to.  So, somewhere between the blogging, dishes, changing diapers—-ok, maybe I’ll have to save this one for retirement!

Become a better cook— I try hard, I really do!  Following recipes has helped recently  but I still might need some classes or something.  I guess the good thing is my husband is not very picky.  We don’t go hungry even if what I make is often mediocre at best.

Travel to Europe— I don’t have an itinerary or anything, but I would like to go to Germany to see my ‘Sister’. (Jana lived with my family during my junior year of high school) I know she would be a great tour guide.  I would also like to visit Ireland and Holland.

Adopt a Greyhound— I saw a special on Animal Planet about greyhounds once, and found the breed very interesting.  They are such graceful animals.  If I see you walking one, I will probably talk to you….sorry.  I also really like the idea of adopting animals.  Someday, when we don’t have a new baby, and two outdoor dogs, I will get a greyhound.

What is on your bucket list?



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  • Maggie says:

    So, this reminded me of a post I saw on one of our sister sites. I thought I had posted a comment on it and went back to look for things I said were on my bucket list…apparently I never said anything! This is a fun topic to think about! Some of my things were: teach a step class, travel to Europe, learn (re-learn) sign language, get good at knit/crochet (like sell something on Etsy :P), get a post-grad degree, become more positive, have a mentor, learn short hand (I know, that’s a weird one), be service oriented, become less possessed by things (working on a positive spin for that one)…. this is all just stuff I’ve been thinking about since I sat down here. I’ll see what actually makes the list. A friend of mine did a 30 before 30, but since I’m about 6 months away from 30 I don’t know if I can pull that off! Fun fun.

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