Breakfast Burritos you can make in Bulk!

Wednesday , 2, January 2013 1 Comment

The other day, Julie and I got together to tackle some freezer cooking…a topic we will be talking about more in the near future.  If you are planning a marathon cooking session, I highly recommend teaming up with a friend or two.  Even if you aren’t going to cook the same things, it is so much nicer to knock out a bunch of cooking with a friend.  I know Kristin is usually the recipe guru around here, but I think this breakfast burrito recipe is too good (and easy) not to share.  The best part is you can customize it to fit your family’s taste.

I decided to make these breakfast burritos because I found myself forgetting to eat breakfast….ok, maybe not ‘forgetting’ but choosing not to make anything for myself.  I was so focused on Eli, laundry, and the daily schedule, that I didn’t take time to eat anything.  Now, I eat a homemade breakfast burrito at least 3 times a week.  Sometimes I warm one up while I make Eli’s breakfast, and I almost always take one with me when I head out to work early Thursday morning.  My husband even takes them with him on his drive to work sometimes as well.  These burritos are great to eat at home, or on the go!


1lb ground breakfast sausage, browned and drained.  I think it would also be appropriate to use bacon, cooked and then crumbled.

10 eggs, scrambled.

1 (2c) bag of shredded cheese

20 tortillas– I use the taco size.  Not too big, not too small!

For packaging:

Plastic wrap

A couple gallon freezer bags


This is so simple.  Just take a spoon full of the browned sausage, and spread it out in the middle of the tortilla.  Do the same thing with the eggs, and the cheese.  You might have to experiment with how much fits best in the tortilla shell.  The first one I made ripped because it was too full.  Wrap the tortilla up and then wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap.  Place wrapped burrito in the freezer bag.  Repeat this process until all of your tortilla shells are full!  Then place the freezer bags full of wrapped burritos in the freezer.

To eat:

Remove burrito from the freezer bag and plastic wrap.  Wrap in a paper towel (or I even us a cloth napkin) and microwave for 45 seconds.  Flip over and microwave for another 30 seconds.  Enjoy!


I think that sauteed onions and peppers would be a great addition, although I am not sure how they would hold up in the freezer.  The first batch I made, I included hash browns, but did not like how they tasted when re-heated.  I sometimes eat mine with a little sour cream and salsa.

If you are having trouble fitting breakfast in to your busy schedule, give these burritos a try.  Let me know how you adjust the recipe to make them just right!

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  • Danelle B says:

    I have a nearly identical recipe for our freezer burritos. I add a spoonful of fire-roasted tomato salsa before freezing. It adds really great flavor and the perfect amount of moisture to keep your tortilla and contents from getting dry or rubbery in the reheating process. Also, I tend to undercook the eggs a tad (not runny, just slightly wet still) for the same reason.

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