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Every summer we take a trip with my husband’s family.  Last year we went to Destin, FL.  As you read this, I am hanging out in San Antonion TX.  It was so funny to read the post I wrote on vacation last year.  So much has changed.  I guess when I get back, I need to write a ‘vacation with an 8 month old in tow’ post.  Enjoy this post from our archives and I’ll be back to posting fresh articles when I get back!  Thanks!


Pregnant on Vacation: Observations And A Tip

  Last week I was relaxing on the beach in Destin, Florida. At 24 weeks pregnant I didn’t feel glamorous, but it was nice to get away.  I am lucky enough to have a great group to travel with.  My Husband’s family has always been very easygoing, and with a pregnant person in the group that came in very handy.  They dynamic is nice.  With 6 relaxed adults, it is not difficult to keep up (although this year I was not able to participate in the para-sailing expedition).  They were all more than willing to walk slow, so that my waddling self could be part of the group!

One tip?  Make sure the clothing you are taking with you still fits!  I put on a dress that had fit pretty tight the week before, to find out that it wasn’t going to work anymore.  I could stand up in the dress, but sitting, or eating were out of the question!  So, wasted luggage space there.  I also had a pair of jean shorts that squeezed my belly so much I had to change clothes again.  Luckily, I had other options.

It was nice to get some time to hang out with my hubby.  This is likely to be our last big trip before the baby gets here.  As we sat on the beach together, I noticed a few things.  I don’t think ‘Mom’ ever gets a vacation.  At least not while she has smallish children.  Every family that made their way down to the beach left Mom to set up umbrellas, chairs, towels, while dad and the kids ran to the water.  Then I got thinking about all the preparation that goes into getting ready for vacation (especially with small kids involved).  Snacks, games, packing clothing…etc, etc.  Guess who likely takes care of all of this?  Right, Mom!  Then, I realized….that’s me…I’m Mom.  At that moment, i sunk a little deeper into my chair, trying to soak in what was left of my last vacation before becoming ‘Mom’.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am more than excited to dawn the new title.  I can’t wait to organize the activity box, and snack bag for our future family vacations.  I’m just glad I had the opportunity to have one more great trip before the madness of Motherhood begins!

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