Black Friday Fun

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Hey there!  I hope everyone is doing well and on their way to getting in to the holiday spirit!  The holidays are in full swing in our house!   We started decorating a few days before Thanksgiving because we couldn’t wait any longer.  It’s not just the decorating for me that gets me in the spirit.  It’s the shopping!  The start of the holidays gets in full swing for me on Black Friday.

Technically it starts for me weeks sooner when the shopping ads get released on to the Internet. A few years ago I found a site called  As soon as the ads get released this site puts them up.  It’s awesome to go and start planning your shopping!  It builds the anticipation for me.

Since Riley was born, I have been scouting out Black Friday deals.  Mainly you get the best deals on toys and electronics.  I have  saved hundreds of dollars over the years by making the big toy purchases at midnight in Toys R Us and various other stores taking advantage of their door-buster pricing.  This year was only slightly different with the stores opening  earlier on Thanksgiving day.

I spent a few hours of down time on Thanksgiving day mapping out my strategy.  Which stores to shop when and what I was going  to be getting there.  In order of priority of course!  I usually go for the door-busters that line up with Riley’s Christmas list first and then check out  the deals for things I want or would like to buy for others as gifts.

This year my husband decided to tag along since I was getting started at Walmart at 8:00 pm Thanksgiving night.  We tackled the list with ease and spent very little time waiting in line to check out.  I was impressed with how efficiently things ran at Walmart.  I wish it was that way every day and maybe I would shop there more!  It was a great experience.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Target this year.

Target started their door busters at 9pm which gave us plenty of time to get  over there and stand in the massive line.  That part I didn’t mind and have come to expect.  They even handed us a map of the store where all of the door busters would be for sale.  Helpful right?  I was pleasantly surprised.  Until we realized their map was wrong and  more than one associate sent us to the wrong location in the store. It was a bit disappointing.  Even though we had a basket full of good deals, when we  got to the  front of the store there was an unbelievable line.  It was barely moving.  We quickly decided that it was not worth the  wait.

I was extremely disappointed with the lack of organization at Target and pleasantly surprised with the efficiency of Walmart.  Something I was not expecting on either account.  Nevertheless, I was satisfied overall with getting lots of fun deals and a lot of things crossed off  my list.

With a little bit of  planning I was able to save big bucks and my sanity.  I realized early on that I wanted Christmas to be a time that I enjoy with my family.  I didn’t want the stress of spending too much money or running around at the last minute.  I get really cranky when I am stressed or feel out of control.  Planning eliminates so much of that.  So here it is, not even December and I am done with 90% of my Christmas shopping.  It’s a great feeling.

Are you a fellow Black Friday shopper?  I would love to hear some of your experiences!


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