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I’m a planner and I love to plan for things.  But when it comes to creative birthday parties for the kids, I am at a loss.  I blame it on lack of time and lack of creativity.  My husband and I work full time so there is not much time left in the week for coming up with creative ideas for birthday parties.  Speaking of creative ideas, I’m an engineer and there is not an ounce of creativity in me.  Thankfully, my 5-year-old daughter, NaNa (not her real name, this is what some members of my family call her), doesn’t take after me and has a very active imagination.

NaNa’s 5th birthday was the first time we invited friends to her birthday party. This is also the first year she wanted to invite friends and voiced her opinion on what kind of party she wanted. We celebrated her birthday every year with a party but it has always just been family only.  The first birthday was a bear themed party with a happy birthday sign and a bear birthday cake.

The second birthday was Little Einsteins themed party with a rocket cake that I made myself and a few stuffed Little Einsteins, books, and toys used as decorations (lame, I know).  Apparently, there was not a birthday party for her third birthday but she did not miss out.  We celebrated her birthday three times over the span of two weeks with our immediate families with cake and lots of gifts.  The fourth birthday party was Toy Story themed and I got store-bought decorations for the party and made a Toy Story cake myself.  After slaving over that cake all night and into the early hours of the party day, I vow to never make another themed birthday cake.  Speaking of making the cake yourself…remember Maggie’s post about her Hello Kitty Cake Pops??

We also have a 19-month-old son, Joey (not his real name, he would be extremely happy being held in a pocket on my tummy all day long), who celebrated his first birthday by riding in a car all day to go to the beach in Florida for my brother’s wedding.  We did have a party for him the weekend before his actual birthday, again with family only.  I tell myself that I have been throwing family only birthday parties because when they are that young, they really don’t need a large over-stimulating birthday party but the truth is that, I’m too cheap to spend hundreds of dollars for something they won’t remember my house is just too small to accommodate many people.  

For NaNa’s 5th birthday party, she asked and we agreed to let her have it at an indoor inflatable party facility.  It was easy and fun.  I didn’t have to clean for days trying to get my house ready for a party or clean up afterwards.  I only had to prepare a vegetable/fruit dish since pizza and ice cream were provided.  We bought a three layered Tinker Bell cake from Publix (I told you I wasn’t going to make another themed birthday cake) and everyone was happy.

I was happy that I didn’t have to stress over any last minute details (I know you’re probably thinking – what details…  but I did prepare all the food in the past… ) and Nana was happy that it was at a jumpy house. Entertainment was provided and there was a party hostess who moved the party along and even took pictures for us.  The simple fact that I didn’t have to prepare the house or all the food was definitely worth the money spent to have the party elsewhere.

Although I haven’t thrown too many birthday parties, we have attended many birthday parties for NaNa’s friends and I have found that other moms are much more creative than me.  NaNa went to a Pilates Party where the kids did fun stretches on a mat before moving on to the Pilates machinery.  The various machinery became obstacle courses and each set of kids had fun at each course for a minute or two.  T-shirts were made with “Pilates Party” on them and fruits and vegetables were served before the birthday cake.  We went to another party at a friend’s gorgeous country home where there was a hay ride and farm animals to see and pet. Another birthday party that NaNa really enjoyed was when she got to wear her princess dress to a tea party at a friend’s house where the parents provided girly crafts and afterwards had a tea party with juice in sweet little tea cups and cake on little tea plates.

So not everyone owns a Pilates studio or knows someone who owns a Pilates studio that will allow you to use it just to have 20 preschoolers climb all over the expensive equipment. Or own a home in the country complete with a tractor and farm animals for petting. Or have the patience and creativity to provide crafts and entertainment for sweet little girls who think they are princesses. Here are some local places in Fayette county where we have attended birthday parties and the kids had fun:

Jump2It – indoor inflatable party facility.  They also provide inflatable rentals if you want to have the party at your home.

Poshin Paint at Saville Studios – painting studio. The space is a bit small but it is one of my favorite places so far. 

TaylorMade Gymnastics – let the kids get all their energy out at this gymnastics center. 

Here are some other local places (in Fayette county) that do birthday parties (we haven’t attended birthday parties at these places yet):

Peachtree Dive Center – swim party.

The Legacy Theatre – for the dramatic princesses. 

Urban Jungle–  laser tag and rock climbing. This is more suitable for older kids. 

Or you could have one of these party people come to your home and entertain the kids:

My Reptile Guys – this would be fun but not inside my house. 

Just last week, I found this place that makes birthday cakes – Sisters Sweet Creations. The Publix cake was good but I would much rather use a local small business.

And for those interested in where the Pilates Party was held, it was at ProHealth Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio I have had physical therapy there and love the philosophy and results of integrating Pilates concepts with physical therapy. Very knowledgeable group of therapists and Pilates instructors!

Have you attended or had a birthday party somewhere that you loved? We would love to hear about it!

Just a note – this is not a paid review or sponsored post – I just wanted to share my experiences at these places!


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    Thank you so much for this resource! I will definitely look at it again as it gets closer to birthday time around here. We have done them at jump places before but only because we lived in an apartment. This year I think we are doing a backyard party. I am going to splurge for a nice cake though, especially since we are having 1 party for both kids since their birthdays are so close together!

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