Birthday cake fun!

Wednesday , 7, September 2011 1 Comment

Have you met Bakerella?  Insanely talented gal from the Atlanta area that makes cakes, and cake pops, and cake balls and cookies and all other kinds of yummy bakery treats?  Then posts great pictures on her blog that make your mouth water?  I would be a little surprised if you haven’t met Bakerella, but if not, her site is worth a minute or two of drool.

I like to make things,  I hate to clean up.  One time though, I decided I was going to attempt the cake pop.  I really couldn’t pass up Hello Kitty for my daughters second birthday.  I had to make some adjustments but below is my journey to an okay cake pop.  I mean the TASTED really great.  But a bit of work I must say.

Here are Bakerellas instructions for Hello Kitty Cake Pops

Taking shape
Possibly a little lumpy and misshapen. But looking alright for a first attempt


Hello there Kitty.


She loved them. But would not eat them. That was my job.












My daughter is about to turn 4.  I have not attempted cake pops again.  Maybe if she ever begs me.  Cake balls is a maybe.  In fact our sister site Dallas Moms Blog, recently posted about a gender reveal party in which cake balls were the official “reveal.”  Very cute idea. Cake balls are pretty easy to make. 

But I digress.  My daughter is about to turn 4.  Last year I made a kitty cake.

This year I will have a 3-ish week old and I’m not sure I’ll be up for all the creativeness.  Any ideas for an easy, but still sort of special birthday cake?  Maybe this year, I’ll hire out.

There will be big changes going on at our house and I am trying to think of an (easy) way to make it a special day. I think it would be fun to do a second-time around trick or treat party.  Where we invite a few kiddos and we get to re-use our Halloween costumes.  Lots of candy – no cake pressure.  But then, I may find a cake idea I just can’t resist….

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