Contributors Corner: Back To School Check In

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Are you in a ‘Back To School’ routine?  Do you feel like you have a good groove going?  We asked our contributors the same question.  Here is what they had to say…



Chrissy:  So far, our school routine is going well. My oldest is in kindergarten and attends a charter school. I absolutely love school uniforms! They make getting her ready in the mornings so much easier. She is still adjusting to the longer day, but a strict bedtime and structured morning routine helps us keep our sanity. When she is slow-moving, I play a song for her on the iPad and it gets her going. (Her favorite is Wednesdays when I play the Geico Hump Day Remix.  As for our afternoons, I usually pick her up from school and give her a snack when we get home. She then works on homework, followed by free time (she usually likes to watch TV or play outside, if she doesn’t fall asleep). We then do bath, dinner, and bedtime. We always read right before bedtime, either a couple of chapters from a chapter book or two picture books. This daily routine, combined with weekly soccer practices and Girl Scout meetings, keeps us pretty busy. We try to keep the weekends low-key whenever possible to let her catch up on rest. She is loving kindergarten so far, and I hope that continues!


Allie:  The Goober is still a bit young yet, but we did sign him up for a local Mom’s Morning Out program where he goes to “school” 2 days a week for four hours a day. It gives me a bit of time to clean the house, run errands, and take a break if needed and I think it will be great especially after the new baby comes since it will give us so one on one bonding time like I had with the Goob. The first week or two were hard for both of us I think, since we both faced a tiny bit of separation anxiety, but now he wakes up every morning asking if he is going to get to play with his friends today and runs into the classroom when I drop him off.

I’ve also had fun making his lunches for school, even though feeding his picky toddler palate can be difficult some days. I’m working on putting together a quick toddler bento box post for the future, though I’m still very very much a beginner to the bento lunch world. My favorite part of his MMO class so far is getting to see the look on his face when mommy comes to pick him up. It’s pure sunshine and completely melts my heart.


Rachel:  Eli didn’t go ‘Back to School’ since he is only >2 but our routine did change a bit.  Since my bestie (and Elis bestie’s mom) works in education, we lost our favorite playmates to their day jobs.  We added a few things to our schedule that are keeping us busy.  Mondays, we enjoy Music a music class at The Music Garden in Peachtree City.  Tuesdays, I get a break at bible study that has free child care.  Eli has really enjoyed the time with other kids as well.  He is always sad when I drop him off but all smiles by time I pick him up.

The first trimester has been pretty rough.  Keeping up with my toddler has not been easy.  Our at home mornings have been filled with more Sesame Street that I would like to admit.  I try to rest while Eli is napping so that we can spend our afternoons outside.  Eli enjoys playing with sidewalk chalk, riding his outdoor ride-on toys, and visits from the neighbor cat.  I LOVE that my little guy likes the outdoors so much!


How is your back to school routine going??

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