Baby Registry Revisited

Monday , 23, April 2012 Leave a comment

Lets start a new tradition.  I think that 6 months after your baby is born you should get to have another baby shower.  Who is with me? By the time your child is 6 months old there are all kinds of things you need that you didn’t receive at the first shower.   You can read my first post about creating a baby registry here.  That is back when I thought I knew what I was doing.  If I had to do it again I would do a few things differently.

1.  I would register for clothing—-in sizes 12-24 months.  Babies grow really fast! And more than that, baby clothes are only meant to fit for a short amount of time.  Think about it, 3-6 month clothing is only supposed to fit for 3 months–which is the blink of an eye, really– Maybe some of your shower guests would help you out by purchasing clothes you will need a bit further down the road.

2.  I would keep in mind that in less than 6 months my child could be doing the following things: eating, rolling over, teething, reaching for and playing with toys.  I would register for everything needed to take care of those needs.

3.  I now know that babies get dirty, A LOT.  They spit up, drool, and poo All-Day-Long!  If you want to be able to make it through an entire day without doing a load of laundry, make sure you register for the 3 B’s- Burp Rags, Blankets, and Bibs!

What would you do differently if you could register for you baby shower today?

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