Are you gonna be knocked up by April?

Monday , 14, January 2013 2 Comments

This was the question my brother asked me on the phone the other day.  To which I replied ‘ummm….well…I don’t know….wait, WHY?’  He went on to explain that the Tough Mudder, a 12 mile obstacle course race that he participated in last year was coming to the Atlanta area.  He was calling to recruit me to do it with him.  Of course he wanted include our older sister as well.  She is an easy sell though, as she has a pretty monumental birthday coming up in April and is super competitive.  It didn’t take much to get her on board.  So, we’re doing it.  Watch the promo video here, and then tell me I’m crazy.  And then tell me what I need to do to prepare!

I am excited about this for a number of reasons.

1. My brother and sister and I have never done anything like this together.  Zack is younger than me by 2.5 years and Sara is older than me by almost 10 years.   We are all pretty close, even with the age difference.  Zack and I were little kids when Sara went off to college, and even when she got married.  But now, we all have children of our own, and a bit more in common than we had in the past.  We don’t live near each other anymore, so getting together for this event will make it even more EPIC!  I will definitely be the weakest link as Zack is in the Army and Sara is a workout junkie.  I have started a cardio training routine, but definitely need to work on my strength.  Team Sibling Rivalry is gonna kick butt!  Which means we are going to complete the course, and have an awesome time doing it!

Team Sibling Rivalry (photo from 2008)

2.  I need motivation to get in shape, and this is the perfect thing!  Since Eli was born, I have not been able to get back into a good workout groove.  Like I mentioned, I am working on the cardio, but need some good strength training sessions each week as well.  I have some weights, bands, and many videos I could utilize, and have pinned the crap out of some strength training routines, I just need to pick some and get them on the schedule!  I wasn’t in the best shape when I got pregnant with Eli, but getting in shape for Tough Mudder means I’ll probably be in better shape for the start of pregnancy #2

3.  This event looks awesome!  I love that it is a bit unconventional.  I have done the whole swim-bike-run thing, and it was fun, but I have a short attention span so the 25 obstacles along this course should keep my attention. I’m looking forward to designing team t-shirts, although I don’t think we’ll opt for the complementary Tough Mudder tattoo at the end of the race.

4.  I am a MOM and I’m gonna Rock it!  I have recently started to feel a little bit like a shlumpy stay at home mom.  I walk around with poop on my shirt, bags under my eyes and have 7 different to do lists with nothing crossed out. Training for this event will help improve my mood and will allow me to participate in and focus on something other than the day-to-day grind that is Motherhood.

So, sorry Mom, I am not knocked up and probably won’t be in the next few months.  Tough Mudder, here I come!

Have you done anything crazy like this?  Any strength training tips?  Please post any ideas/links in the comments below!

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  • Wendy says:

    This is a great idea!! I love that you are going to team up with your siblings, we get so busy with our own families we forget to do things with our siblings and extended family. I’ve never done one so I have no words of wisdom, other than, Have Fun!!

  • Pam McVey says:

    That’s OK! I can wait a few more months for grandchild #6 🙂 (From MOM)

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