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PSMB Anniversary

It’s anniversary week! It’s anniversary week! Woot! So one of our ideas for this week was to share some anniversary ideas and stories to celebrate, in addition to our awesome Color Me Rad 5K giveaway, so stay tuned through the end of the week to pick up some inspiration and maybe laugh or cry at a story or two. Before I can share any of my personal anniversary ideas or stories, I want to share a bit about the day I am celebrating, my wedding of course (because who doesn’t love to hear about weddings?! Don’t worry, I’ll keep it pretty brief.)

My husband and I got married in October 2010 and there truly isn’t a single thing I would change about that day (except maybe going back and handing GPSs to the bartender and the DJ so they wouldn’t be massively late—we had an awesome guest/fraternity brother who stepped in and save the day though, so it worked out fine in the end). We had the wedding at my parents’ house, which has been in our family since 1913 and is gorgeous and the wedding was exactly how we had wanted it: simple, DIY-heavy, outdoors, and with a big emphasis on “celebrating”, which in our case, equaled good food and a well-stocked bar.


So that’s my recap of the day of celebration (told you I would keep it brief) and now let’s move on to the anniversary stories. My husband and I have only had two anniversaries, so I don’t have a ton of experience to pull from, so I will just share my personal loves for celebrating our day. We love keeping our celebrations simple. We don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day and our anniversary isn’t very different as we prefer simple and meaningful over elaborate and expensive.

The first year I was pregnant so a lot of our focus was on not going overboard and spending too much money that we should be saving for the baby so we saved up for a nice dinner at The Melting Pot by deciding not to do cards or presents. Instead of buying cards, we had a silly, giggly moment where we ran into the copy/fax store a few doors down from the restaurant and found cards that matched our sentiments/feelings and handed them to the other to read before returning them to their original spots. It was fun and silly and both of us loved it so much that we decided to make it our tradition.

After an amazing dinner, we stole a couple of cocktail napkins and each of us wrote down our favorite memories of the evening and put them in a scrapbook I keep for all the physical items we want to save, like the newspaper clipping of our wedding announcement and the piece of paper the hubster slipped into a menu telling me he had a question for me the night we got engaged. We also ended out the night with some sparkling cider (pregnant, remember?) at home and a box of chocolate strawberries complements of joining The Melting Pot’s Club Fondue. We also ate a few pieces of the top layer of our wedding cake and it was just as yummy that night as it had been the year before, though definitely not as pretty.



The second year we went to a dine-in movie theatre, AMC’s Fork and Screen, while my in-laws graciously watched the Goober. Rather than running into a Hallmark or card store before the movie, we opted this year to take camera phone photos of our favorite anniversary card and show them to the other at dinner. I will confess that year #2 cards were far more humorous and silly than the previous year’s lovey-dovey sentiments. Then, instead of napkins, we wrote our favorite memories of the evening on the back of our ticket stubs. I only hope that when we are old and gray we are able to still read the tiny scrawl on those little slips of paper.  **I wish I had pictures of our memory keeping napkins and stubs to share with ya’ll, but the box with our scrapbook hasn’t been unpacked yet, despite us moving in to our new house almost 3 months ago.**


Share your favorite anniversary or wedding story with me in the comments. Did you follow the anniversary wedding cake tradition or did that gross you out? Do you have any unique, silly, or nontraditional traditions for anniversaries?

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