All Grown Up…In the Blink of an Eye!

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As a “Mama on the Far Side of Childhood,” I want to reminisce with you a bit! I know you”ve heard this a million times: “Children grow up SO fast.” Let”s make it a million and one: “Children grow up SO fast!” One minute, they”re pre-schoolers, on stage for a dance recital or a kindergarten graduation, and the next minute they”re on stage getting a doctoral degree!

Brittany, Far left, Age 4, Miss Patsy's Dance Recital

Graduations at every level are family milestones. For the past month, I have vicariously enjoyed friends” and family members” Facebook reports and pictures of assorted graduations, along with the requisite after graduation celebrations. Two weeks ago, our son graduated from college, and our daughter from law school. As I told several Peach best online casino State Moms Bloggers at our quarterly meeting,  my children grew up in the blink of an eye!

Some of my children”s friends, whose diapers I changed not so long ago, are grown and married! It seems like only a year or two since my children were excited to be graduating from high school, and preparing to leave for college. It”s now been 7 years since my first child left for college! Time flies. Children DO grow up fast.

This year, I also have a couple of friends and family members who are recent college and/or nursing school graduates! One friend graduated from college at the same time as her son! I hope that is encouraging to you, if you haven”t finished high school or college or technical school. It”s never too late!

As your children require less oversight, you can take classes online! My niece earned her Psychology degree totally online at Liberty University while working full-time. Lots of colleges and universities have distance learning programs.

Cherish ALL of your children”s milestones! Remember: the graduations, recitals, playoffs, and concerts, will be here, and GONE, in the blink of an eye!

I”d love to hear about your family”s graduation experiences and summer plans! If you”ve experienced how time has flown with your own children, please comment below!

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