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In my first four years as a SAHM I was so involved with my children that I let myself go, in a lot of ways.  I was overweight and wondering if I would have enough energy to keep up with three small kids. My husband and I hadn’t had an in-depth conversation in ages.   And I had let friendships fall by the wayside to be replaced by the joys and trials of raising an infant and two toddlers. 

As I entered my fifth year as a SAHM my friend Leisa shared the opportunity of AdvoCare with me.  Leisa is a mom of five, who had initially used AdvoCare to lose 50 pounds, and then began to pursue the business and was able to leave her full-time RN job to become a SAHM. 

As my husband and I considered what AdvoCare could help us achieve, we committed to making positive changes in our lives.  In January of 2011 we took the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge.  On the Challenge I lost 14 pounds and 8 inches and my husband lost 30 pounds and 15 inches!  In the past year we have maintained a healthy and active lifestyle.  I have lost 25 pounds and 17 inches overall, and gained the energy I need to keep up with three active kids!   My husband has lost 75 pounds and 28 inches overall and no longer has to take blood pressure and cholesterol medication. 

Now, in my sixth year as a SAHM and a year after becoming an Advisor with AdvoCare, I am excited about what the future holds!  I’ve lost weight and gained confidence, my husband and I now share a goal to build our business and I am connecting with wonderful women through local mom’s groups and this blog.  What I love about AdvoCare is you are encouraged to grow and learn, to get out of your comfort zone, and then you are shown a proven way to achieve your goals!

So for all you mommas out there who want to make a change but aren’t sure how, I am here for you! I will be your coach, confidant and cheerleader as we work together.  Consultations are free and if you email me ( and reference this blog you will receive 20% off your first AdvoCare order!  If you and your friends would like to take the Challenge as a group you’ll each receive 20% off your first order and I will do a special incentive for your group! 

Wendy is a full time SAHM to three energetic kids, wife to her high school sweetheart and an emerging entrepreneur.  In the past year she has learned that the biggest obstacles to change are the thoughts in her own head!  She enjoys spending time with her family, connecting with other moms, trying out new recipes and blogging. 

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