Getting to Know Our Contributors: All About Amy

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Here we go…..

When did you become a Mommy, how has it changed your life?

I became a Mommy in October of 2008, the greatest day ever!!! I was transformed that day into someone I always wanted to be : A Mom! The love I have for my child has totally changed my perspective on life.

What would your children say is your best quality….and your worst quality?

Hmm…this could be scary! 🙂 Well, my best quality is that I am “devoted.” I am devoted to my little girl and she is my priority! My worst quality is definitely my cooking! Yes, my cooking just plain sucks!!! 🙂

What is the most difficult thing about being a Mom? Most rewarding?

The most difficult thing about being a Mom is having to sacrifice “me” time, most of the time. The most rewarding is that my old “me” time has become our “we” time and that time is priceless!!!!

What is your favorite Mommy tool?

My favorite Mommy tool, is now Pinterest! Sorry, but it is just awesome!

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I am looking forward to our family vacation. This will be a great time to create lasting memories!!!


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