A Week Without TV?

Friday , 31, August 2012 1 Comment


I end the title of this post with a question mark because I have not yet gone a week without TV.  I have set out to watch less TV many times but always end up failing after just a few days.  Even without cable TV in our home, I often waste WAY too much time watching TV.   I try to only watch TV for a bit while I eat my lunch and Eli is napping.  If lunch is at 1:00 I watch ‘The Chew’.  If I don’t eat until 3:00 it is ‘Law and Order-Criminal Intent’.  You get the idea.  I don’t NEED an hour to eat lunch, but I take the whole hour because that is how long the TV shows last.

If I am not watching it directly, I usually have it on in the background.  The only problem with that, is that I end up getting sucked in by whatever is on TV.  Having the TV on all the time also exposes Eli to more television that I would like him to see at this age (or any for that matter!).   I think I would be much more productive if I just left the TV off. So, that is my plan….and I am telling you about it so It will be more difficult to break my No TV rules.

My week without TV will (hypothetically) look something like this:

-Television off during the day except for times when the weather or news is on, and even then, in very limited amounts.

-No TV used for background noise (we have a stereo for that!)

-No TV during lunch.  I do deserve some down time during the day but can read a book instead of watch TV.

-After Eli is in bed, I will watch some TV in the evening to wind down…..but not more than an hour.

-I will watch the newest episode of Project Runway online on Friday.  Hey, I deserve one guilty pleasure!

My plan is to begin next Tuesday and continue with my NO TV rules until Saturday.  This first week of my experiment, my husband will be out of town, so there will be no peer pressure!

It will be interesting to see what happens.  I assume I will be more productive, less tired, and, if I achieve my goal as set out, I will feel accomplished.  In general I would like to cut WAY down on my TV watching, so I think a week of very limited television will be just the push I need!

How about you?  Do you watch too much TV like I do?  or at least have it on in the background all day?  How did you break the habit? 

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  • Rachel says:

    Update-Today we were out of the house a lot so it was easy to stay away from the TV. I did use the stereo while I fed Eli breakfast and turned the TV on to check weather around lunchtime. So far So good!

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