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So…A Day in the Life…When does my day actually start?  These days, I see the wee hours of the morning way more often than I would like.  So, technically my ‘Day’ usually starts between 1 and 3am with a middle of the night feeding for the baby.  He is pretty much stuck on eating every three hours…even through the night.  I’ll often feed him again around 5ish and then we all sleep for a glorious 2 or 3 hours before we are awake for good.  Here is how the rest of the day usually pans out.

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7 or 8 am– Wake up to the voice of my toddler hollering at me from his room.  We have a gate at his door so he can’t escape without us knowing it….but really, it is so he can’t sneak up and scare me.  I am the easiest person to startle, ever.  Get him dressed and downstairs for breakfast.  Grab the baby if he is awake.  Put baby in bouncer or highchair.  Make coffee!  Give the toddler the options of toast or cereal to which he usually replies ‘Pancakes!’.  Check the freezer for any pancakes leftover from the last batch.  Whip something up for myself, usually a couple eggs and toast. Pack a lunch for us and one for my husband–Hmm, maybe I should do this the night before? Browse facebook and eat while chatting with the toddler.  I generally like this part of my day.  The toddler has lots of energy…and I love my morning coffee!

9:00– Head back upstairs, put on a short movie for the toddler while I take a shower.  He is really into Fireman Sam right now.  The movies are available through Amazon instant video and are 11 minutes long.  Put the baby in his bouncy seat or crib.  Jump in the shower.  Get out of the shower and finish getting ready as the toddler’s movie is over.  Sometimes this causes a meltdown, which will result in a short timeout…We need to be out the door by 9:30.  Feed baby.  Get shoes on the toddler.  He can do it himself but it takes about 10 minutes of me trying to keep him on task while I dress the baby and put him in the carseat, grab a water, a couple diapers from upstairs..because the diaper bag is always empty!..and get my own shoes on.

9:45–We’re late now, but on the way to music class at The Music Garden in PTC.  If I hit every green light, we’ll be there before the good morning song is over.

10:00–Sing, dance, play with scarves, and soak up the half hour with my big kid. (little brother watches–or sleeps–from the sidelines.  He is usually happy as long as there is something to watch)  Chat with the other moms and Miss Luanne while the children run wild for a few minutes before heading to our next destination.

11:00–Meet some friends at the park, or indoor location if it is raining for a lunch/playdate–swing by a fast food chain if the lunch I mentioned earlier didn’t actually happen.

12:30– Head home for NAP!

1:00–Nap time for the big kid, feed the baby, if he has made it this long and lay him down for a nap as well….or if he has slept all morning, put him in a bouncer so I can get some work done.  The toddler usually takes a 2-3 hour nap…YAY!  Unload the dishwasher, clean something…bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, whatever is on my schedule for the day.

4:00, or whenever toddler wakes up– Preschool at home.  We just started this so we’re just getting into it, but I have some kind of activity for him in hopes of teaching him something new.  He loves it and requests pre-kool quite often.

5:00– Head to the gym.  I really love my gym!  I go to Bodyplex in Newnan. The staff is awesome.  The childcare rocks.  Monday night I take a Body Combat Class.  I’m not a big fan of working out but I really like group fitness classes.  There’s no way I’d work out that hard on my own.

6:30–Back home, finish dinner, hubby is/or will be home soon.

7:00–Eat.  We all sit together.  The toddler tells hubby what we did all day.  I enjoy this part of my day too.

7:45–Bath (sometimes), books, bed for the toddler

8:00-10:00– Do everything I didn’t get done throughout the rest of the day….ok, maybe sometimes. More often than not around this time that I collapse on to the couch.  Feed the baby one last time around 9:15 and lay him down for the night.  Put away some laundry, read a couple blog posts about how to grocery shop once a month or what to do with your medium length hair so you don’t look like a ragged SAHM every day.  Sometimes the hubby and I have some nice conversation, sometimes we just sit in the same room.  Sometimes we eat ice cream. Sometimes he makes some killer homemade kettle corn.  I enjoy our quiet evenings together.

11:00–Bed.  Goodnight!







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