A Day in the Life {Julie}

Friday , 12, September 2014 Comments Off on A Day in the Life {Julie}

These days I”m feeling like I do a lot of spinning in circles! I have a 7 year old, a 4 year old, and a 2 month old. Here”s what a recent Monday looked like at our house:

1:30am: Little sister wakes up to nurse. At some point in the night Little Brother gets in the bed with us, too.

5:30: Little sister nurses again. Since Big Sister”s alarm goes off at 6:15, I decide to go ahead and get up to have a few minutes of quiet time. I make a cup of coffee, check my email and Facebook, and watch the news. Decide to go ahead and email Big sister”s teacher -I got pulled over for speeding twice this weekend (I know, I know!) and Big Sister got confused and told both grandmothers that I got arrested. Ha! You never know what kids will say, so I decide to “beat the story to school” just in case.

6:20: Wake Big Sister up. She forgot to turn her alarm on last night. We spend a few minutes cuddling before she starts getting ready for school. I make her lunch and a second cup of coffee.

7:00 Little (Big?) Brother up.

7:03 Little sister up. She has somehow soaked through the diaper I changed a couple of hours ago. I get her dressed and make a mental note to wash the sheets later this morning.

7:15. Send Big Sister off to school on the bus. Turn on Tom and Jerry, nurse Little Sister. Can”t remember the last time I casino online gave her a bath so I bathe her really quick. Poor third child. Brother starts getting ready for pre-k. He is the line leader this week, thank goodness, because he”s excited to go to school instead of the “I don”t waaaaaaaaaannnttt to” I heard every day last week.

8:45 Load up everyone in the car. Drop brother off. Drop Little sister off with my mom: she is a HUGE help in that she watches her for a couple of hours a couple of times a week so I can get some important stuff done, like shower in peace.

9:30. Back home. Start cleaning up the kitchen mess from this weekend morning, put some soup in the crock pot for lunch this week, shower, pump. Take a breath!

11:30 Leave to pick up the kids. Chat with my mom a few minutes, nurse Little Sister before we head home for lunch, snuggles, and reading. Hubby gets home sometime during all of this-he usually works a double on Mondays but doesn”t today, and I”m glad to have the extra set of hands. He goes to pick up Big Sister from school-she wanted to be a golf cart rider this year, and I”m on board until winter even though it”s one extra “to-do.”

2:30 Send the big kids outside to play. Nurse little sister, prep dinner and stick it in the fridge til time to cook.

3:30 Homework time! Today”s takes a while because Big Sister doesn”t read the directions correctly so she has to go back and re-do an entire math worksheet. Luckily the rest of her homework takes as long as that one worksheet does. After HW she”s free to do whatever she wants until dinner, which means our living room floor quickly becomes Lego Central. Nurse Little sister again and we all play with her on the floor until she gets fussy and ready for another nap.

6:00 Dinner, dessert (baked pears…I had some that were going bad), bath for the big kids.

7:30 Flip on the newest episode of Lego Star Wars. Even Hubby and I like to watch because it”s pretty tongue in cheek. Send big kids to bed around 8pm. At some point the rest of us go to bed…around 9:30 for me because I”m exhausted! Tomorrow”s another day and we have sports to throw into the mix….yikes!


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