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Allie is a stay at home mom to two boys ages 8 months and 2 1/2.

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5 am- I blearily awake to the hungry cries of my 8 month old and stumble back from the bathroom just as my husband brings the tiny Kraken into our room, before he returns to getting ready for work. I lay back down, let the Squish latch on, and doze back off until his urgent slaps wake me enough to roll us both over and switch sides. A short while later, I grow tired of the slapping and pinching and see if he will take his pacifier. He does and I quickly get up and take him back to his crib and lay him back down with a little prayer that he tolerates it, aka doesn’t start screaming and wake up his big brother early.

It’s around 6:30 now and I run back to bed, hoping to catch a few more minutes of sleep before it is time to get everybody up and ready for school.

7:40- I hear my toddler stirring and calling for me from his bed. I grab the phone and hold it close enough for me to read without my contacts. I turn off my alarm that I obviously didn’t need anyway. I get the Goober and dash to the bathroom and pray we make it to the potty without an accident. I put my contacts while he washes his hands and we creep as quietly you can with a toddler past the Squish’s room to the kitchen. I toss a K-cup into the Keurig to the plaintive cries of “Milk! Miiilllk! I want Meeilk!” and remind the toddler for the first of what is certain to be many times to use his nice words and ask for things without whining. We will work on ameliorating his extremely Southern pronunciation of milk later.  Just as I hand him his sippy (I prepared it the night before in expectation of his request), I hear the welcome final sputters of the coffee maker. The day is looking pretty great now. I take a few sips of that heavenly brew and grab a breakfast cereal bar for the Goober. I grab the styling gel, hairspray, and blowdryer and put his hair up into his trademark Mohawk and then leave him to finish breakfast and play in the playroom while I get dressed for the day.

8:15- I hear the Squish start to babble as I finish applying my make up and I get him up and ready for the day.

8:40- We are out the door and in the car on our way to the Goober’s preschool/MMO.

9:10- The Squish and I drop his big brother off with his teacher and head upstairs for a parents meeting. We meet up with a few friend and work out when we all are going to volunteer for the various school festivals/events.

9:45/10:15The Squish is beyond ready to get home and is starting to get pretty sleepy. He falls asleep 2 minutes from home (of course), but wakes when I try to lay him down in the crib. I surf Facebook while he nurses and finally settles enough that I can lay him down.

11:00 am- I start a load of laundry and open the dishwasher, praying the hubster was able to empty it before he went to work. He did! Yay! I start tackling the overflowing sink and make a pretty decent dent in it before the dishwasher is full. The rest of the dishes get handwashed and set aside to dry.

11:50- I start prepping my lunch. I sit down on the couch to eat and watch a show, but before I have taken more than 5 bites, I hear the baby start to fuss. I set it aside and go and get him. He nurses while I read a chapter of a book on my phone. It is so much easier to read one-handed on my phone than it is to turn the pages of an actual book or magazine.

12:30 pm- I set my lunch back in the refrigerator to keep the dog from getting it and hope I can finish it sometime soon. I get the Squish settled back in his carseat and head to the car line to pick up the Goober.

1:02 pm- I see the Goober holding his teacher’s hand, waiting for me to pull up to the curb. The smile I get when he sees me makes my heart glow. I buckle him in, noticing that he has the same pants on that he was wearing when I dropped him off. Yay for no accidents at school! He chatters about his day on the drive home and the Squish babbles and grins at him. I have one of those perfect mom moments looking back at them through the rearview mirror. Then the toddler realizes he wants “Miiilllk” and it is gone. I offer water and then when that is met by a resounding no, I remind him we are almost home and we’ll get some there. A bit of redirection and he is back to chattering about playing on the playground.

1:20- We are home! After a small cup of milk, a potty break, and a quick story, the Goober goes down for his afternoon nap with minimal protest. I guess school wore him out. I look down at the Squish and see my chances of getting them both down for a nap at the same time is pretty minimal. We go to the playroom and he practices crawling while I finish my lunch.

2:40- I nurse the Squish and then feed him a pouch. We read a short book and I try to lay him down. Nope. I fear his crying will wake his brother, so it is back to the playroom. I let him crawl around some more while I try and answer a few emails and work on a blog post. I realize I didn’t start dinner, so I run into the kitchen, turn the Crockpot on high, and dump in some chicken breasts and a can of salsa. I’ll cook up some quinoa with some black beans and corn later, closer to when the hubster gets home.

3:10- The Squish is pretty tired now and I rock him for a bit and try to get him to take his pacifier. Not a huge fan of that, but he settles when he finds his thumb. So much for not having a thumb-sucker. He falls asleep and I creep out the door. I run to go to the bathroom by myself but as I walk down the hall I hear the dulcet call of my toddler, “Mama! I have to go potty. Maamaaa!” So much for that idea too.

3:30- All needs taken care of, my toddler and I head back to the playroom. The Goober asks for a snack and a show and I oblige.  I fold laundry while he plays with his cars. I get half a basket folded (twice, since the toddler likes to “help”) before  I hear the welcome sound of the garage door and my husband’s car pulling in. Thank heavens it’s 5:30!

5:32- My husband walks in and asks “What did you do today?” I shrug, “Nothing much, but the kids are alive. Dinner will be ready in a bit.”



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