A Crockpot saved my marriage!

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A Crockpot Saved My Marriage

Okay, so that title might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but in all seriousness, my slow cooker is pretty amazing. I have jumped onto the slow cooker bandwagon with both feet! It’s not a new purchase since we got it as a wedding gift several years ago, but it sat in our cabinets severely underutilized until recently. For Christmas, my sister gave me a slow cooker cookbook and it motivated me to bust out ours and get cookin’. If I’m being honest, I have to admit I’m a very unmotivated cook. For most of our relationship, my hubster has been the one to cook dinner for us. When we lived in Charlotte, NC, this wasn’t a big deal since he likes to cook and he only had an 8 minute commute to and from work. Now that he has a 1.5 hour commute into and out of Atlanta, making dinner is the last thing he wants to do when he gets home. We have been going through a period where either we have been eating very late after the Goober goes to bed or going out to eat, which was wrecking havoc on both our pocketbook and our relationship.

Others might be more skilled at chasing around a toddler and nursing a newborn while cooking dinner, but that is a skill I definitely lack. Crockpot cooking, at least my version of it, means I can have dinner ready when the hubster gets home and consequently that we are eating out less, eating together more, and the Goober isn’t complaining about having to eat PB&Js every meal (just kidding, he never complained about that). In addition to the slow cooker bible I was gifted, I found a little 5 ingredient Crockpot recipe book at Kroger at the checkout line and snatched that up, since many of the recipes in the big cookbook require a bit more prep time than I can currently manage. Mostly for meals I end up tossing whatever protein I’m using, usually chicken or turkey since I don’t eat red meat, a bit of chicken broth, and a sauce, like Sweet Baby Ray’s Honey BBQ or one of Kroger’s many 30-minute marinades, into the crockpot at naptime and turning it on low. By the time the hubs gets home, it is ready and we use it as a main course with pasta/rice/veggies or we shred it for a salad or for tacos. I recently purchase a smaller Crockpot for sides and that has helped speed dinner prep along as well.

Here’s my hubby’s favorite recipe from our little Crockpot booklet:

Crockpot Recipe Fav! Secret Ingredient Chicken Broth


Check out our Pinterest board “It’s a Crock(pot)” for more dinner and easy meal ideas.


What’s your favorite slow cooker recipe? Any tips and tricks for a relative slow cooker newbie?

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