5 Toys That Don’t Suck– Toddler Edition

Monday , 15, July 2013 2 Comments

If you are offended by the title of this post just pretend it is called ‘5 Toys Your Child Should Have’ or ‘5 Toys You Won’t Regret Buying’.



1.  Fisher-Price Wheelies Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park–  Eli’s grandparents got him a smaller car track and he loved it so we decided to get one for home.  He already has quite a few wheelies so I found a track that would work with them.  He LOVES this toy.  He plays with it every day.  It plays some music, but as far as musical toys goes, it is on the less annoying side…I’m sure you all know what I mean.

2.  Board Books–  I’m not sure if books count as toys but I’m going to categorize them as such since we spend time every day ‘playing’ with books.  Specifically, Eli likes books that have different textures, flaps, or moving parts of some sort.  I love board books because they are sturdy and can stand up to being stepped, spilled, and chewed on.

3.  My Pal Scout from Leap Frog–  This toy has been with us since Eli was just a few months old (Thanks Mary!).  I like that it can ‘grow’ with my child.  When Eli was a baby, I used the lullaby feature every night.  Then, when he got older, I hooked Scout up to the computer and programmed him to say Eli’s name.  Scout also knows Eli’s favorite food, color, and animal, so his conversations with Eli are customized.  He gets played with almost every morning, and was important enough to go with us on vacation last week.

4.  Balls- Any shape, size or color is fine with Eli.  He has LOVED balls since before he could sit up.  I especially like the Oball  Football shown above.  The flexible plastic is easy for him to hold on to and light enough that it isn’t destructive when thrown around the house.

5.  Mega Bloks–  When I need to occupy Eli for a while, I tell him to go play with his blocks.  He loves building things and also loves taking them apart and putting the blocks back in the container. Hubby enjoys building with Eli as well.  These blocks are chunky enough that Eli can build with them without getting frustrated.  Hint** I purchased one of our tubs of Mega Bloks at a consignment sale for $3, and have seen some at almost every sale I have attended.

What toys are on your ‘Toys that don’t suck’ list?

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  • Robbie says:

    We have the girl version of Scout (Violet) and she definitely sucks in my house. I couldn’t get baby1 to play with her and have passed it on to baby2 who seems to share the same sentiment. Poor Violet. I strongly second the Wheelies Loops n Swoops. Simple things like bubbles and balloons give long lasting enjoyment with my two. My daughter loves the Little People collection and we’ve gotten lots of use from My First Loving Family. I believe it’s Fisher Price.

    • Rachel says:

      Ha! Poor Violet. I got caught up looking at all the little people sets on Amazon the other night. There are so many that are cute! Eli has the farm and Zig the big rig that get lots of use!

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