5 Tips for Creating a Baby Registry

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It’s archives week here on PSMB.  Today is tip feature day!  Here is one from Rachel!:


Hubby spotted this cute bib

As I prepared to create a baby registry for the first time my original feeling was excitement.  Then, as I perused the internet looking for just the right stroller, diaper bag, changing table, etc. my excitement turned to worry and dread.  What if I chose the wrong car seat, and ended up being unhappy with my choice for the next year?  Well, I am still no expert on the matter but what I learned might help some other first time moms in creating a registry so here goes….

  1. You are probably going to have regrets, get that out of the way right now!:  There is no way that you will be 100% happy with all of the baby gear you register for.  They will probably come out with the perfect color stroller right after your child is born, but there is nothing you can do about that!  My dad has always taught me that If you are happy with your choice or decision, you shouldn’t let anyone or anything change your mind.
  2. Print a list of recommended items before you go to the store: I like to have a game plan.  The thought of roaming around a baby superstore, magic scanning gun in hand, and no direction does not appeal to me.  I googled baby registry checklist and ended up going with one from babycenter.  Not everything on the list will apply to you, but I liked the idea of having an outline for my shopping trip.  The lists also helped me think of things I would have totally forgotten, like bottle brushes, and the cover that goes over a car seat to keep your child warm.
  3. Think about your needs: One of the things I really wanted to get right was the stroller.  There are so many options , and many of them are for different purposes.  After polling some friends and reading many reviews, I really started to think about what I wanted from my stroller.  I am not a runner, but would like to use the stroller regularly for walks around my neighborhood and would also like to take it to the park or other locations when traveling.
  4. Remember that some folks might want to shop online: Being far away from family, I imagine some of my gifts will come in the mail.  There are a few items that I am interested in, that aren’t sold in stores, or are difficult to find in stores. So, I discovered that you can create a registry on Amazon.com.  It was a very simple process and helped me to round out those few items I really want, but couldn’t find anywhere else.
  5. Have Fun! Take a moment to realize that this might be the only time you get to create a virtual wish list of all your baby gear wants and needs.

I chose to register at Target and decided to go to the SuperTarget in McDonough rather than the smaller one that is closer to my home in Fayetteville.  Just a preference, but I thought the SuperTarget had a better selection.

Happy Registering!

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