School Lunches and Weekday Schedules

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My oldest started kindergarten this week.  Like Julie, I wanted to get organized and have a plan for the upcoming school year.  I was mostly done with school supply shopping midway through the summer.  I bought school clothes on sale or consignment at various places throughout the summer.  Over the weekend, I made a weekly schedule for our family and took my daughter grocery shopping so she can pick out her lunches.


Last school year, my daughter’s pre-k made fresh homemade lunches for the kids so I didn’t have to worry over packing a lunch for her everyday.  While school supply shopping for kindergarten, my daughter picked out a Tinker Bell lunch box and told me she wanted to start taking her lunch to school everyday.  That was fine with me since I didn’t know how the school cafeteria prepared their food.  This is my first time packing a daily lunch for her and I wanted to make sure that she will eat her lunch, so I took her shopping for lunch items.

 This was her lunch for the first day: strawberries and grapes, ham, cheese, and crackers, yogurt covered raisins.  She also had water to drink and homemade mashed potatoes that I didn’t photograph.

She helped me pack her lunch so I was hoping that she would eat it all.  I checked her lunchbox when she came home from school and she ate mostly everything except the crackers, ham, and cheese.  She said the crackers were soggy (they had absorb the liquid from the ham).  She was starving when she got home.   I’ll have to try different meat options since she’s not a big fan of deli meat.  I also packed a plum and pretzel for a snack that day.  My goal is to pack a veggie, fruit, grain, and light dessert daily.  I am hoping that she will continue to be enthusiastic about helping me pack her lunch everyday.

Schedule for the Day

I made her a schedule for the mornings and the afternoons for each weekday.  The morning routine needed to be written down and displayed mostly for me so that I know if we’re running behind.  The initial afternoon schedule started off with getting schoolwork out of the way or doing some kind of learning work, followed by play or craft time, no tv before 5:00 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm, and in bed by 8:00 pm.  The first day, my daughter was so exhausted after school that I didn’t make her do anything on the list.  I just let her do what she wanted, excluding tv, until her ballet class in the late afternoon.  She was so tired by bedtime that I think I may have to move her bedtime up 15 or 30 minutes.  I have heard that the first couple of weeks of kindergarten is exhausting for the kids but I didn’t think it would affect my daughter that much since she’s had a year of pre-k already.  The big difference from a pre-k day to a kindergarten day for us is that their rest/nap time is reduced from 2 hours to 30 minutes.  Even if the kids do not sleep during this rest/nap time, it is a long resting period that was cut short.  I know I will have to tweak the schedule some more as the school year goes by and I have more experience in this.

Do you have a routine or schedule for your school aged children?  How hard is it to keep lunches healthy and refreshing for school?

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