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One very hot summer day (a few weeks ago), Maggie, Miriam, and I ventured out to Zoo Atlanta.   Maggie had a couple coupons from the 2011 entertainment book that helped cut down the cost, so check yours before you head to the zoo.

We basically followed the map, stopping at all the exhibits struck our fancy.  I was surprised at how many of the animals were active on such a warm day.  They must be more used to these Atlanta summers than I am!

The first exhibit that caught our attention was an aviary full of parakeets.  The coolest part was that for the low, low price of $1 you can purchase a snack for the parakeets, which consisted of some bird seed on a stick.  Lots of kids (including Miriam…ok… and Rachel), enjoyed feeding the cute little birds.

We took our time strolling past the girraffes, lions, pandas and gorillas.  About half way through our day (and just about lunch time) we stopped at the Wild Planet Cafe, to have lunch.  There were plenty of options, and the chicken strips weren’t half bad.  Since I brought my own water, the cost was just about $8.  Maggie and Miriam shared a chicken strips meal for lunch as well, and we filled up on some grapes and crackers that we had also brought with us.

After lunch, we finished checking out the rest of the exhibits before deciding it was time to head home.  In about 3 hours, we had seen all that we wanted/needed to see for the day.  I was very pleasantly surprised by our experience as a whole.  While it was a HOT day, most of the exhibits and even the walkways between exhibits are shady and cool.

You might want to check out the Zoo Atlanta website before heading out.  There is a really cool Interactive map feature that will show you what your options are before you actually get there.

**I have also heard that there is a way to get a free pass to the zoo from your local library.  Ask your librarian to find out how**

This was our experience…How was yours?

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