2013 Goals: First Quarter Check In

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Back in January, I posted  some goals we”d like to accomplish for the year. I know the first quarter of the year isn”t quite over, but I”ll go ahead and check in. Progress is in bold type…



  1. Take a vacation together! (Tentivally planning a road trip in May and a beach trip in July but are still working out the details.)
  2. Create an emergency kit (this was on the list last year, too, but we never finished it. Oops!) Working on it, slowly but surely! The next few items aren”t ones that can be bought at the dollar store….I need to get back on this. 
  3. Participate in Project 365. I”ve only missed one date so far! 
  4. Encourage all family members to help pick up after themselves (so that this mama doesn’t go crazy!) This is a work in progress. Every couple of days we do a clean sweep of the kids rooms and living rooms. However, our playroom hasn”t been touched since it”s last demolishment about a month ago. Let”s just say it could be a worse “before” picture than the one seen here
So, last year, hubby & I’d planned on doing a date night each month. Our first date was a dud, however! I know date nights are an opportunity for couples to catch up without the kids, but the fact of the matter is, my hubby and I see quite a lot of each other since I stay home and he works crazy shifts. There are 2-3 pockets each week where we are kid-free by default. So that first date night, we really had nothing to talk about! We DO, however, enjoy seeing movies, so I think in 2013 I will ditch what is “supposed” to happen and enjoy the night on the town with my husband! Other goals for this category is to finally create living wills, and try to go on one overnight trip this year. This is the category where I am faltering. Not the marriage, but the goals. I”m ok with shelving date night until the summer when we are less busy, and because hubby is possibly being furloughed this summer, an overnight trip (the money needed to fund it) is off the table until he”ll be back at normal pay. We are making time for each other in other ways, however, and that”s the important thing. 

Around the House

Will the home improvement list ever see an end? Doubtful. Here’s some things that are high-priority this year:

  1. Create photo albums instead of just uploading pictures to the computer. Ongoing but up-to-date. 
  2. Plant a garden in the spring. I”m now undecided about this one, too. Will the cost of our water bill eat up any savings we”d have by growing our own food? I don”t exactly have a green thumb, either. I still have time on this one but I may ditch the goal. 
  3. Cross items off our “master house list” as the budget allows. We”re actually having a new upstairs air conditioner unit installed tomorrow, and we had one of the garage doors fixed, finally. The A/C install may be the only “big” thing the budget allows this year. 
  4. Update our files as needed-this sort of goes hand in hand with the living wills, but I like to go through our different insurance policies, etc, at least every other year. I haven”t done this yet. 
  5. Make our guest room look less like a dumping online casino grounds for stuff that doesn’t have a home and more like a place that guests feel welcome! Not yet. I”m overwhelmed by the downstairs issue, but I just need to tackle it. 
  1. Continue to give 10% Ongoing
  2. Save up for a 6 month emergency fund. We decided to replace the air conditioner first, since that was the most looming threat to eat up any emergency savings. I”d now like to be at a 3 months funded fund by the end of the year. That”s doable. 
  3. Have a Financial Fast month. I’ve toyed around with how this will look at our house and unfortunately, I’m the one with the problem, not the whole family! Ha! So, for the month of January I will NOT buy fast food (a habit that snuck in over the holidays!) or buy things for myself that are unnecessary. (It’s TBD whether or not a haircut falls under this category.) Postponed to a TBD month, which is a nicer way of saying that I totally failed at this in January! 
  1. Allow Big Sister to participate in one sport/activity at a time of her choosing. She”s playing a sport this season and is loving it! 
  2. Schedule solo outings with each kid/each parent monthly. (Hey, even a trip to Home Depot counts here. Just as long as some intentional one-on-one time is happening) Ongoing
  3. Continue to teach age-appropriate independence. Meaning, stop doing things for my children that they can do themselves! Ongoing…at a snail”s pace. 
 1. Finally get to my goal weight. 35 pounds to go! Slow and steady wins the race, but I’m ready to cross the finish line! Ongoing….25 to go!
2. Keep up to date with doctor’s appointments-I’m overdue for almost all of them, and I also need to see a dermatologist for this adult acne that popped up a few months ago. (Anyone recommend one?) I am up to date on all of these! Yay! I would like a second opinion about my acne and rosacea-I”m just not comfortable taking a prescription drug for the rest of my life until I”ve tried other things to deal with it. 
3. Read consistently. I did better with this one last year, but it was touch and go. I’d like to read for a few minutes every day, and read at least 2 books a month. I”m on track here, though not at a 2-books-a-month pace for January and February. I tend lately to want to read more “serious” books, which is fine, but I take longer to digest them. I love a good fiction book but have a hard time picking out “good” ones. I decided to look toward the book list in A Well Educated Mind as well as the 88 books that shaped America as my guide here. I also love the Harry Potter series and would like to re-read them this year. 
4. Write 2 letters/cards to friends/family each month. I BOMBED at this last year but I do enjoy it! Surely I can make time for 2 a month. On track here. 
How are you doing on any goals you set for this year?
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  • Jamie says:

    I like Dr. Sturm at Peachtree Dermatology, but they’re on the North side of ATL.