12 days of Christmas treats

Tuesday , 13, December 2011 3 Comments

On the first day of Christmas PSMB brought to you…an easy Peppermint Cocoa!

No need to spend $2 at McDonalds buying a peppermint cocoa (or mocha), make yourself one at home!

Gather together…

Hot water*
2-3 Tbsp of your favorite hot cocoa mix (I like Nestle)
1-3 mini candy canes (or 1/2-2 Tbsp crushed mini candy canes)
Any other desired toppings (marshmellows, shaved chocolate

*I have found you get better peppermint flavor with water as opposed to using milk.  However, if you want to use hot milk, just add more crushed candy!

Heat up your water (microwave or tea kettle)

Crush 1 (or more!) candy canes under a heavy glass (1/2 Tbsp crushed candy)

Dissolve candy in hot water

Add cocoa and mix thoroughly

Top with marshmellows, whipping cream, more crushed peppermint, whatever your heart desires!

I am sure you could make your own mocha as well, just by adding hot coffee to the mix!

Stay tuned for more yummy holiday goodness!


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  • Lori Jo says:

    Hey! That looks great…….I found peppermint flavored marshmellows at WalMart, those work too! Merry Christmas, girls 🙂

  • Maggie says:

    Thanks Lori Jo! I’ll have to go get those! But I can’t skip adding the candy alone… I love peppermint!

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