12 Days of Christmas Treats: Sara’s Almond Bark Trail Mix

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This recipe comes from my sister, Sara.  This is something she makes every holiday season. It is a great treat to put in decorative tins and give as gifts to teachers, neighbors, etc.  Here are the ingredients and recipe in her words…

Here is the “recipe”


Corn Chex

Rice Chex

Honey Nut Cheerios

Dry Roasted/Honey Roasted Peanuts

Pretzels (holiday shapes are fun)

M & Ms (red and green)

Peanut M & Ms (red and green)

White almond bark


I had a recipe when I first made this but now I just dump.  I have found that it is sweet enough that it is better to go light on the M&Ms and heavier on the Chex and pretzels.  I use the biggest Pyrex bowl I  have to mix everything together.  I pour roughly 1 cup of each ingredient except the M&Ms.  Use only ½ a cup of each type of M&M.  Mix the dry ingredients as much as possible.

Melt 4 squares of almond bark in the microwave (1.5 minutes).  Stir the almond bark when it comes out of the microwave to make sure it is thoroughly melted.  Pour it over the dry ingredients and stir thoroughly.  Spread the mixture out on wax paper or foil to cool/dry.  Keep mixing on the foil if there are spots that don’t seem to have almond bark on them.

After it is cool/dry break it into small pieces and enjoy.

Thanks Sis!

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