My daughter is really into cooking lately.  On any given day, you can find her watching The Food Network or checking out her favorite YouTube kid foodies.  She is my companion as I get dinner ready or make a dessert.  She is always willing to help in the kitchen…now if we can just get her…   [Read the full article]

life is precious

Today, I read this blog post. Did you read it?  You should.  I’ll wait. As I read the article, I thought to myself “this is so true” and “yup, I do that”.  I complain.  A lot.  Just ask my husband. But you know what?  My kids also complain.  They complain about going to football practice….   [Read the full article]


This weekend was the perfect weekend to visit a local pumpkin patch. The weather was absolutely perfect, with a hint of crisp to the air and beautifully sunny. We decided to take the opportunity to visit Southern Belle Farm in McDonough, Georgia. The drive for us was about 45 minutes with only a touch of…   [Read the full article]

Go Fly a Kite! I am always on the hunt for interesting things to do with my family, things that are out of the ordinary and sure to provide memories to cherish.  Atlanta is such a beautiful city with a rich history and it never fails that she provides great opportunities for families if you…   [Read the full article]

If you have ever thought about using cloth diaper this post is for you.  There is a lot of information about cloth diapering out there.  So much that it can be overwhelming.  Here is a quick ‘How-To’.  From curiosity to putting the diaper on your child, this is what you should do.   #1.  Google…   [Read the full article]

Museum Day Live! Tickets When I was a child I had the opportunity to visit our nation’s capital with my family.  What an adventure it was!  I have so many fond memories of our family trip and one of those that stands out were all the free and fabulous Smithsonian museums! To be in a…   [Read the full article]

No Sew Anna Costume for under $12 #halloween #frozen

If your family is anything like mine, Frozen is on almost constant repeat in your home. My toddler is practically obsessed and from my Pinterest home page, I’m guessing most of the rest of the world is too. When talking with friends about Halloween, which is practically right around the corner once you factor in…   [Read the full article]

vacation with friends

Vacation season is just about over but It is never too early to start planning for the next one so why not think about WHO you might want to go on vacation with.  But before the WHO let’s think about WHY you should go on vacation with friends. I can think of two really good…   [Read the full article]

Call for contributors

We’re gearing up for a great fall here at CFF and would LOVE to add a few more local folks to the team.  If you have something to say about….well, pretty much anything…we are interested in hearing from you. You might be a good contributor for CFF if:   -Each time you read a post,…   [Read the full article]

garage sale bernie

I am very embarrassed by the picture that you see in this post.  I’m not proud that I have let things get so out of hand.  I feel like such a failure as a mom and wife.  But if you read this post from last week, you may have a little more empathy for me….   [Read the full article]